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Yoga Retreat Portugal - April 16-21, 2020

September yoga retreat to Portugal

Six days (five nights) of yoga and wellness activities. At a boutique hotel located on the
Vez River of the wonderful village Acros de Valdevez!
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About Dr.Avi Nov

About Dr.Avi Nov

Dr. Avi Nov is the founder of Yoga Retreats Portugal, a unique holiday program that aims to help people develop their health to the best degree possible, learn relaxation techniques and learn meditation so helping them to deal with stress, to improve the quality of life, happiness and sense of well-being. Dr. Nov develops and teaches yoga regularly in Portugal and in other countries around the world. Dr. Nov’s classes are joyful and fun while allowing for deep realizations and opening of the body. Dr. Nov connects with each of his students on a personal level and never wants anyone to feel as though “yoga is not for them”. Dr Nov teaches a variety of classes, including: Classic Deep Yoga, Dynamic Deep Yoga and Buso Yoga, all with special sequences developed by him. All of Dr. Nov's yoga classes have the focus mainly on two elements, breathing and mindfulness.

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