Raw Food and Yoga

What is Raw Food, and why do we promote this food in our Yoga Retreats? To answer these questions we will start by describing what is meant by the term Raw Food, and thereafter we will explain the advantages of this food.

Deep Yoga Elements

What is Deep Yoga, and why this type of yoga is so special? Read this article and learn more about the Deep Yoga method.

Barefoot and Yoga

Why it is so important for us to walk barefoot, and why it is an essential practice that goes together with yoga

Essentials Oils and Yoga

Why Essential Oils are so important for our well-being, and what is their significance when combined with yoga practice?

Balancing and Yoga

Why balancing exercises are very important in our life, and how is it connected to a more balanced lifestyle?

Mindfulness and Yoga

Mindfulness is a tremendous healing tool. Combining mindfulness and yoga can change your life in all aspects.

Fermentation and Yoga

Eating fermented food on a daily basis can enhance your yoga practice, and this combination will improve your wellness.

Immune System Perfection

How do we get our immune system to work perfectly? Here is an outline of my 14 methods to naturally boost my immune system

Yoga and Sex

Practicing yoga regularly leads to improvements in sexual life. In this article, I explain the logic behind this.