Deep Yoga Elements

Dr. Avi Nov 

What is Deep Yoga, and why this type of yoga is so special? Read this article and learn more about the Deep Yoga method. 

I am teaching a variety of yoga classes, mainly: Classic Deep Yoga and Dynamic Deep Yoga, all with special sequences that I have developed and still developing. The Classic Deep Yoga is based on the foundations of the Yin Yoga, while the Dynamic Deep Yoga originates from Astanga Yoga. In this article I explain the most important elements of Deep Yoga, which are breathing and mindfulness.  


The first important element in the Deep Yoga sequence is the breath. The yoga postures are secondary in importance. We practice the Ujjayi breathe in the Dynamic Deep Yoga, and sometimes also in the Classic Deep Yoga.  

In practicing Deep Yoga postures, inhalation and exhalation should be equal and smooth. We also practice Pranayama in both Dynamic Deep Yoga and in the Classic Deep Yoga, for better circulation of the blood. 

In Deep Yoga we determine the importance of breathing. Swami Sivananda once said that a yogi measures the duration of life by the number of breaths, and not by the number of years. This sentence give a clue on the importance of the breath in yoga. 

Often in Deep Yoga, we direct the participants in the lessons to withdraw their senses from the external, and then be tuned into the internal sound. In this way we can easily be with our breath and in fact practicing yoga in the highs level. 

In both Dynamic Deep Yoga and in the Classic Deep Yoga we regularly practice the Vayus. According to the yoga tradition, there are some unique channels of "winds" that run through us and govern our bodies. When we understand them and practice them regularly, we may be able to experience life naturally and fluently. 


The second most important element in the Deep Yoga sequence is mindfulness. The term mindfulness means also awareness to your thoughts, emotions, or experiences without judgment. In Deep Yoga we instruct our participants to pay attention, to the present moment without being critical. 

In addition to awareness, in Deep Yoga we emphasis on concentration on our internal and external space. Yoga is considerable about creating space, in the fiscal and mental body. In both Classic Deep Yoga and in the Dynamic Deep Yoga, we make sure that we create space in every posture with full concentration.

Likewise, in both Classic Deep Yoga and in the Dynamic Deep Yoga we instruct to stay as much as possible in each posture. The main instruction here is never to rush out of a posture. We stay in the posture and at the same time be in mindfulness. 

To conclude, my practice revealed to me that Yoga is a life practice with endless learning. We learn a lot about our body and mind every single day. In both Classic Deep Yoga and in the Dynamic Deep Yoga we motivate the discovering and creating of new body movements and postures every single day. This learning process is well supported by breath and mindfulness. 

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