Essentials Oils and Yoga

Dr. Avi Nov 

Why Essential Oils are so important for our wellbeing, and what is their significance when combined with yoga practice?     

The use of Essential Oils is an ancient healing practice and is part of the herbal medicine. Similar to yoga, Essential Oils focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. A combination of Essential Oils, in the form of aromatherapy, with yoga practice has a great positive impact on our health and wellness.   

The combination of Essential Oils with yoga practice is a great medical tool to balance the autonomic nervous system. The Ayurveda, an Indian healing system, for example, utilizes Essential Oils to balance the body’s chakras, which stimulates the flow of prana or life energy.  

Can Essential Oils cure diseases? 

In my opinion, Essential Oils are the ideal supplement for us as they are created in nature and have powerful effects on our body. There is a growing number of clinical studies that demonstrate the benefits of Essential Oils such as increasing oxygen application by red blood cells, improving the ability of our immune system to fight diseases, aiding in the balancing of the endocrine system and hormone production, promoting tissue renewal, maintaining appropriate appetite, calming the autonomic nervous system, and easing pain and anxiety. 

It is estimated that 100 different Essential Oils are used for various medical conditions. We can see that in recent years, Essential Oils are being integrated into the treatment of illnesses for a wide range of diseases including cancer and heart diseases. For more information on the use of Essential Oils in medical conditions, see the Essential Oils Research Database

Why is it important to use Essential Oils in yoga?

In yoga we concentrate on breathing through our nostrils. As we inhale specific Essential Oils, such as Lavender, their aromatic molecules enter our body and travel to the limbic system at the brain, the area that regulate processes like emotions, memory, creativity, and motivation. This process inspires relaxation at the center of our nervous system and leads to calmness.  

It is well known that concentrated breathing (such as Pranayama) ensures that our organs, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, all receive sufficient nutrients and oxygen for cell healing and the renewal of cells. This process leads also to detoxification and promotes body strength, full range of movement and fitness. In order to maximize this process, it is advised to use Essential Oils. Doing so with specific Essential Oils, we can enhance detoxification and oxygenation.  

Which Essential Oils should we use in yoga? 

A drop of Lemon essential oil in water, for example, can aid natural detoxification and strengthen the body further. Essential Oils, such as eucalyptus or peppermint can enhance blood circulation to the brain, increasing the level of awareness. 

Several Essential Oils such as lemongrass and grapefruit can effectively cleanse the room from harmful bacteria and purify the air which is required for a healthy yoga session. Some Essential Oils such as sweet basil are used to enhance the energy flow. 

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